From the heart of Bury we produce our award winning black pudding using our traditional century old recipe.

The History of Black Pudding and why Bury is famous for it…

Black Pudding first originated in Europe and arrived in the UK via European monks, who named the product 'blutwurst' which translates to 'Blood Sausage'.

They first visited Yorkshire before making the trip over the Pennines to settle in Bury, Lancashire where this wonderful product became known as "Black Pudding".
Ever since then, black puddings have been promoted as a tasty, wholesome food in the UK. The profile and popularity of black puddings has gone from strength to strength and today they can be seen on the menus of restaurants all over the country.

Casewell’s were the original black pudding makers in Bury, operating from a simple terraced house in Bury’s old town square. They retired in 1968.


About us and our heritage…

Our directors, Debbie Pierce & Richard Morris, came together to create The Bury Black Pudding Company. Richard and his father having our black pudding recipe in their family for the last 100 years. A gold medal winning recipe after successful entries into black pudding events in France.

Jack Morris (pictured below and father of Richard Morris) started the first ‘Best Black Pudding’ competitions in the UK back in 1970 which he judged for many years. Today Jack still speaks about his story and the history of Bury Black Pudding, whilst raising a great deal of money for charitable causes along the way.


Jack & Richard sold their black puddings to James Wallace, one of the longest standing traders on Bury Market. This is where Debbie started work at the age of 12 as a Saturday girl.  In 2002, Debbie took over running the stall when James retired, and Richard took over black pudding production when Jack retired too.

Debbie wanted to shout about this great Lancashire delicacy and get it onto every shelf across the UK.  A website was quickly set up, delivering Bury Black Pudding direct to customers doorsteps, then she went knocking on the supermarket doors.

Supermarket Local Sourcing initiatives helped provide a perfect platform to get our Bury Black Pudding onto shelves locally, then very quickly national distribution followed.  Larger premises where then required, so a bespoke black pudding factory was designed and built by Debbie & Richard.


Many business awards later, fast forward to today, where we employ 120 amazing local staff (including friends & families) to produce over 100 tonnes of black pudding each week at our factory based in the heart of Bury.  Although we have grown significantly, our traditional production methods and our historic heritage and values remain very much the same.

Along the way, we have also listened to customer’s dietary needs and followed food trends too, producing chilli, gluten free and vegetarian / vegan black pudding, all with the same health benefits our famous Bury Black Pudding has.

The Bury Black Pudding Company continues to go from strength to strength and we are today recognised as the UK's leading retail black pudding brand. Our products are not only enjoyed in this country, but exported around the globe where they are considered one of the truly great British food brands.

We have one of the longest established stalls on Bury's World Famous Market. Generations of families continue to come and buy our famous black puddings, fresh farm eggs, chickens, cheese & sausage.  Look out for our logo! You'll find us at Stall No 5, Edward Block, Bury Open Market.
You will find the exact same black puddings served on our market stall, in Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury's, Asda, Co-op, Spar, Morrison's, Iceland and Booker. (See our ‘Where to buy’ page for more details).  We also supply to many butchers, hotels, wholesalers and food service companies throughout the UK.

Market Opening Times

Outdoor Market:
Open Wednesdays, Friday 9am - 4:30pm and Saturdays 9am - 5pm.

How to Get to Bury Market

Bury is situated 9 miles to the north of Manchester and is very close to the M60, M62 and M66 motorways. The Bury Metrolink also provides easy access to the town centre and market by tram.

For visitors using SatNav the post code to use is: BL9 0BJ