Seven Sensational Summer Ideas with Bury Black Pudding

We are enjoying one of the hottest summers for decades and people are taking to their gardens and local parks in their thousands for a bit of al-fresco dining.  We look at seven sensational ways to enjoy your favourite Bury Black Pudding while the temperatures soar.

1. Stick Some on the BBQ
Bury Black Pudding is great on the BBQ.  Grill slices right from the packet for a tasty addition to a juicy burger.  If you want to take it up a level try our chilli black pudding.
2. Try it Cold
Try it cold with cooked meats and cheeses.  Bury Black Pudding is a cooked product and can be eaten cold, right from the packet.  Our traditional black pudding rings make a particularly nice addition to a cold platter.
3. Do the ‘Manchester’ Egg
The Manchester Egg is our local variation of the popular scotch egg, but being from Manchester we have improved on it by using both black and white pudding and a deliciously tangy pickled egg.  Check put the recipe on our website and try some the next time you pack a picnic hamper.
4. Upgrade your Sausage Roll
Staying with the picnic theme we have also upgraded the classic sausage roll, this time with a generous helping of Bury Black Pudding and some delicious apple.  Check out the recipe on our website:
5. Add it to a Meaty Pizza
Crumble some Bury Black Pudding onto a meaty pizza for a super meat feast that’s bursting with flavour.  Enjoy in the sunshine with a nice glass of red or a chilled beer.
6. Enjoy Fritters with Friends
If you are having friends over for the football or a relaxing evening in the garden, why not try some crispy apple and Bury Black Pudding fritters, quick and easy to prepare and they are a great tasty snack to enjoy with friends:
7. Top Your Salads
Bury Black Pudding is a great addition to a summer salad.  Dice a slice finely or crumble into a pan and fry until super crispy for a great alternative to crispy onions or bacon bits.