Our customers can't get enough of our delicious, award-winning black puddings. We hear stories from people all over the world, some even travel for miles because they want to visit our stall on Bury Market - the home of the Bury Black Pudding.  We appreciate all the feedback we get, but these are a few of our favourites...

Mr.Leah, Cornwall

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for your fast and well packed delivery. Your black puddings are simply the best, nothing else comes close for quality and taste. ”

Mr. Collins, Suffolk

“As big fan of black pudding I stumbled on yours in Tesco, as I like to avoid as much fat as possible I couldn't believe how low you keep it. Then we get to the flavour, never tasted pudding so good. ”

Bob, Essex

“ I ordered some black pudding online and it arrived the other day. I wanted to have it at the weekend but decided I would try it last night. WOW! I have never tasted anything like it in all the years I have eaten black pudding. I wish my dad was alive, he would have loved it. More for dinner tonight, will definitely be ordering more. ”

Mr Hughes, Gwynedd

“Our local village shop/post office has just started selling your traditional Bury Black Puddings - fantastic. I have just asked the proprietor to procure 5 packs for me. I cleared the shelf today. They are absolutely wonderful - tasty but not too much fat and not too salty. My full cooked breakfast will never be the same - what a pleasure! ”

Simon Majumdar (Eat My Globe)

“What Graceland is to Elvis, Bury is to Black Pudding ”

Mrs. Lee, Derby

“ Today I purchased one of your black puddings, being of a 'senior' age I know my black puddings and yours was one of the nicest I've tasted for many years. Black pudding you buy nowadays are nothing like they used to be, yours being the exception. I will certainly be buying yours on a regular basis. Congratulations on a lovely original black pudding ”

Mrs. O’Riordan, Norfolk

“ Today I have received my order of black pudding and wanted to say how impressed I am with the service you provided... excellent. As a child my mother always purchased black pudding from our local butcher, it was always a family favourite, after sampling the goods received I can honestly say you have made a middle age lady feel like a child once more... many thanks! ”

Eva, Ottawa (Canada)

“My parents were highly delighted to receive their gift of Black puddings. What do you get for that special someone who has everything? After discovering your website, I opted for Bury black puddings and Bradley’s pies; definitely one of my more creative gift ideas. My Parents were surprised, amused, and could not wait to tuck in. This year we absolutely hit the spot! It is so nice to be able to send, northern English, traditional, fare as gifts to family who live in different parts of the country. The delivery person could not help but smile when he suggested to my surprised mother - “you like black pudding then”? The cold storage packaging was impressive and the ice packed puddings were nice and chilly upon receipt. After such wonderful products, service and delivery we are already planning our order for Canadian Mother’s Day. ”

Mr Lewis, Welwyn Garden City

“Just bought a Bury Black Pudding from Waitrose in Welwyn Garden City. 1st since I shopped on Bury Market in 1970's before we moved down south. It was magnificent! Light smooth texture. Rich flavour. Not too spicy, perfectly seasoned. Heaven dressed in black!!" ”

Mrs. Ilott, Watton-at-stone, Herts

“Gluten Free - Had to let you know what a fantastic gluten free black pudding I bought in Tesco, not sure if it would be nice, and 'OMG' it was one of the best gluten free items I have bought in a while. Some manufacturers think we have lost our sense of taste because you are a coeliac, but well done you I think it's great what you have done, I am going to let my local coeliac group know what you have made, thank you so much. ”

Chris, Guernsey

“ Bury black pudding.......there is a GOD after all!!! They came, I ate....they're gone!! Bloody heaven!! What a pud, absolutely fantastic! ”

Sue, Ross-shire

“Thank you for the order which we received yesterday mid-day. It was so carefully packaged in polystyrene and also had a strip of cold packs inside which kept the goods very cold, we were most impressed. That was until we tasted the black puddings with lunch, we went from impressed to overwhelmed, they were absolutely GORGEOUS!!! They were sooooooooooooo moist, the taste and flavour was a titillation to the taste buds, and the globules of fat simply melted in the mouth like honey balls. Having sent for this sample we will certainly place our future orders with you, you would certainly beat any other black pudding in this country!”