We’re proud to announce AA+ grade in our annual unannounced audit by the BRCGS

On Monday 22nd May 2023 we were visited by the BRCGS (Brand Reputation through Compliance of Global Standards) – an unannounced audit which was carried out over two full days. The BRCGS Food Safety standard is the leading Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) accreditation.

The BRCGS grading scales are used throughout our supply chain and reflect our quality food hygiene practices and processes throughout our manufacturing facility. The standards are extremely high and are scrutinised in all areas of the business where food safety could be compromised.


The grading scales are as follows:

AA is the highest with Uncertified being the lowest. An unannounced audit will have a ‘+’ after the grade, for example, AA+.

AA = no more than 5 minors.

A = between 5 and 10 minors.

B = 11 to 16 minors, or 1 major and up to 10 minors.

C = 17 to 24 minors, or 1 major and up to 16 minors, or 2 majors and up to 10 minors.

D = between 25 and 30 minors, or 1 major and up to 24 minors, or 2 majors and up to 16 minors.

Uncertified grade = 1 or more critical, 31 or more minors, 1 major and 25 or more minors, 2 majors and 17 or more minors, or 3 or more majors.

Debbie Pierce, Managing Director had this to say;  “We are proud to be awarded with the AA+ grade once again. The continued team effort in helping us to retain our AA+ BRC grade is a tangible indication that the hard work pays off. We are very lucky to have an excellent team of staff in this business to help us continually grow.”

For more information about BRCGS, please visit their website –